EasyNerdy consulting packages

Our consulting packages are designed help your business grow efficiently.
All EasyNerdy consulting packages are custom-tailored to suit your needs, and delivered by our experienced team of experts.

Data Migrations

We are experts at delivering a smooth transition of your data between multiple systems and platforms.

We handle the migration process efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity for seamless operations.

EasyNerdy simplifies the complexities of data migration, allowing you to focus on your core business activities with confidence and peace of mind!

Starting at $3,000

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Our expert automations team begins with a comprehensive analysis or your business to understand your workflow needs.

We then craft custom automation solutions tailored to optimize efficiency and accuracy, and ultimately save you time.

Our approach prioritizes adaptability and scalability to future-proof your operations. Let us streamline your processes and reclaim your time!

Starting at $1,500

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Strategy Call Projects

The Strategy Call Training Package adds 20+ years of technical expertise to your team.

You will shortcut 100s of hours of research, trial & error, frustration, and failed attempts at custom solutions. Move quick and get answers.

EasyNerdy Strategy Calls empower your technical leads to discover software solutions faster than re-researching everything on their own. Fast track your team now!

Starting at $1,500.

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Implementation Projects

Our Implementation Package gets the work done! Like the name implies, we implement the entire project.

We package our work into monthly increments, so you are always clear on deadlines and efforts.

Our expert team will implement everything from table build out to process improvements.

With this fast, seamless package, we build out your entire system for you!

Starting at $3,000.

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