We are a college focused on service professionals making more money.

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We welcome hair stylists, massage therapists and personal trainers, who want to start their own business. We provide courses and accountability for any level of success.

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Three Ways to Improve your Business


The best way to improve is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are on the same mission. We do that by creating a community of entrepreneurs that have the same goal: growing business! We surround you with those individuals and create communities to connect with them!


You learn best when you tackle one specific curriculum of lessons in growing your business at a time. We want to focus on teaching each area of knowledge until you are a master at it. Skills mastery is a vital part of growing your business.


You must have experts on your side! We team up with leading experts in your field to guarantee that the advice and coaching that we provide is beneficial to you. We look for experts that are making six figures in your field, and connect you with those mentors.

Hi! I’m Mark.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of business building experience. He has founded 5 companies, ranging from massage therapy to software. His passion is in improving the process and speed at which entrepreneurs find financial success! He has committed his life to improving the lives of small business owners.

From software consulting to starting the new EasyNerdy College for entrepreneurs, Mark is ready to support you in your success!

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"Our goal is that every service professional is making six figures quickly and easily!! Welcome!"

Mark Berry, Founder
EasyNerdy College

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“Mark is a true professional and master of his craft.”
Chris M
Lakewood Dallas Massage
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We provide courses and accountability for any level of success.

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