All of our Consulting is a simple $50 / hour Rate. Our most common packages include:

Startup Sales Ignition (5 Hours)

In this exciting workshop, we will build out your Startup’s Sales Operations process from scratch! If you are starting a new business or expanding your team, you will need new processes that are yet uninvented.

During this session, we will establish what is working and implement a series of sales experiments to learn what will amplify growth the fastest.

Pipedrive Emergency Help (5 Hours)

This package includes a quick assessment of what is and is not working about your current Pipedrive set up. It is meant to be an immediate consulting to help you manage a specific issue or list of issues. Then we will establish sales processes in Pipedrive that enable you and your team to produce faster, more efficient actions. The goal here is an answer to your current challenge!

Data Collection & Qualifying Made Easy (10 Hours)

Sales can be broken down into 4 tasks at its core: Find, Qualify, Call, and Close. The first task, Finding the contacts, can often be the easiest. But entering that data and qualifying those leads can sometimes be confusing as you grow your team. 

During this session, we will establish protocols to enter data and qualify leads. We will demonstrate best practices for making this process easy and fun.

Contact & Closing (10 Hours)

The biggest part of the Sale can be the trickiest as you scale. Just because you were an extraordinary salesperson, that doesn’t mean that your entire team can operate at the same level… unless we give them the tools, training and processes to succeed.

Here, we will establish protocols and requirements. We will set best practices in Pipedrive for establishing repeatable results. We will work with your entire sales team to train them in accomplishing their goals as fast as possible! We will not stop until you are seeing the results you want!