About Us

Mark is a 3x business owner & self-proclaimed Pipedrive nerd! He loves igniting new business, rigorously testing their business models and improving their sales operations. He has spent 18 years growing businesses from their 1st dollar to massive profits.

He began his career as a college graduate at UT Dallas in Computer Science. After a few years of programming and project management, he grew ready to explore the power of entrepreneurship.

The first half of his life was dedicated to a series of Solopreneur endeavors. He published 2 self-help books. It is during this time that he expanded upon his understanding of marketing and branding. He learned the power of the written word.

He started 3 self-funded, self-owned, self-started businesses. From these years, he learned every facet of Sales & Entrepreneurship. From different funding options to the power of the irresistible offer. Starting a business from 0 to six figures was a challenge that would take him over a decade.

He expanded his knowledge into a massage therapy office. He learned the costs of employees and really turned the value of technology to his advantage. He also learned the value of a cherished, passionate client base.

His latest venture is into the rental software industry. He learned the power of a strong sales organization, sales processes that last, and marketing automation that improves performance.

He is always igniting new businesses. The thrill of success in sales will add a jump to his step. He is always looking to grow your business!