Hi! Sales in 2019 requires dedication, breadth of knowledge and thinking creatively! The best solutions come from blending these strategies.

My name is Mark Berry. I come from a broad background of technical entrepreneurship. I started my career with a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. Through the twists and turns of life, I’ve gone from publishing my own book to owning my own massage therapy practice.

This deep felt journey of creativity and entrepreneurship has laid the foundation for my skills as a Pipedrive Expert. As I built each new small business, I learned that all business success starts with a great business model, great technology and great people. To me, this marriage between structure and creativity is the keystone in every success.

Each new business represents an unfinished puzzle: an operation yet developed, a message yet delivered. I believe in concrete, measurable steps towards building a successful business. And modern day software development is the fastest and cheapest way to reach a global audience.

Helping you grow your business through Pipedrive is vital to today’s modern world. If you need quick, complete help, I am your guide! I look forward to making a difference in your business!